Seasoned Chicken Kabobs

All our spices have been added to the website so I wanted to get you started with a recipe using Weavers Chicken Dust Seasoning.  This seasoning adds so much flavor as a marinade.

You can order it here ———->Weavers Chicken Dust Seasoning

Chicken Kabobs


My favorite Easter memory…..

One of my fondest memories of Easter is the anticipation of the miracle and my mother’s cut out sugar cookies.  It seem this recipe was a part of all my holidays growing up.  The toppings changed depending on which holiday we were celebrating.  The Easter cookies were always decorated with pastel sprinkles, sometimes they were just round and sometimes they might be cut out in rabbit shapes with jelly bean eyes.  If you are looking for toppings for your special holiday treats check out our selection online at
Sugar Cookies


It’s Spring!

Time to start thinking about Easter, planting your garden, flowers and porch sitting.  Okay maybe I am rushing things a wee bit but I know your little ones (and big ones!) will love the old-fashioned bird nest treats.  Who remembers this from their childhood?



Having a Party?

It’s Super Bowl Weekend!  If you are looking for some snack ideas I have included three great recipes for you.  All of these are great with vegetables, chips or a baguette.   I have also used these as a spread for hoagies, subs or wraps.



I recently sat down with an Amish friend of mine to talk about the Amish Culture and what it means to be Amish.  As with most cultures when you communicate one on one you find you have more things in common than not.  I will be publishing more of the interviews in the coming month.

Until then, how about a hot soup recipe to keep you warm on these chilling January days?  You can order the Country Corn Chowder Mix thru the website, I added red pepper and onion as well.  Yummy!